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28 January 2013 @ 10:07 am
Music Man rehearsals: 9 until after 4. And then. By the end of that, the Santa Clara's Got Talent group was getting ready, so I helped get them ready before taking a coffee run. Came back twenty minutes later, ready to eat dinner before running their sound, and immediately get waylaid to set things up - one hour before my dinner is over. Ate salad between bellows of "STOP TAPPING THE MIC!"

Later, with less than an hour to curtain we're finally told about changes to the end of show. (Advance warning appreciated, btw.) Then the band's singer complains of being zapped by the mics. We can't figure what he's going on about. Then something starts banging in the next room - so now we wonder if the AC's gonna go, or power, or heck, if another homeless guy's snuck in. That stopped eventually, still don't know what's gonna break. The first act went as well as any kinda-planned talent show can - meh.

Then we set up for act two, and waddya know, the band's singer is complaining that his mics are electrocuting him. Best/worst part of this insanity: they actually were. You need to bring the right cords, band. Never had to figure out what to do in case of mid-show electrocution emergency before, let's never do that again. Then there was the soloist who wanted us to turn her back up - she wanted to be loud. Well, I want her to not blow the sound system, so deal. Pretty sure she was the one getting people in rehearsal to complain because they couldn't hear her outside the theatre. (You read that right - it's too quiet when people not in the audience can't sing along.) Was it her mic cord that nearly tripped the dancers in the next act?

Around this time, the house right door opens; at first I think someone accidently unlocked the door earlier, and now a kid on crew missed backstage. And then I realized what was actually happening: here is our custodian for the evening, propping open the door, walking into the audience in the middle of act two, and wandering away. What. Is this. So we try to get a crew member to go close the door. ... No, we are not talking about the mics, the door. The door. Opposite the emcee side. Just go stick your head out in the hallway, you'll see. CLOSE IT. Thank you.

At last, the end approaches - and they're nowhere near done counting votes when their cover act is done. The emcees run out of jokes. The audience runs out of jokes. The cover act won't do an encore. A phone gets brought onstage, and they play music over the mic as a crew member dances. More crew join in. They get the audience to sing along, so this ends with a house-wide yell of "SO CALL ME MAYBE!" The crew dances to another song. They open the curtains, as the performers have been waiting onstage, so they play another song while everyone boogies - except the band singer, who strums his guitar and eats pizza.

Finally the results are in - thank goodness! Show ends, we go to clean up and teach Chris to coil cables. End result of this: he was unable to figure out the male end of a cable, because "it could be interpreted differently." Discovered half a Togo's sandwich under the risers as they rolled back - caught it before it smeared everywhere, yay. But who does that? Evening ends an hour early, because this year, the group cleaned up after themselves. Okay, you made up my missing dinner break. Wait until everyone else is picked up - go home forty minutes later after Ronan's gone.

Let's never do this again.

... Can't believe I forgot the gas leak - during the only twenty minutes I was off, the fire department barged in; the show began with an engine in the staff lot. Can't leave anymore, everything tries to explode...
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20 December 2012 @ 11:31 am
The long story of how everything was unpleasant yesterday:

Get up at early hour to drop off rabbit at vet. Scramble back home to get ready to face everything else in the day (coughing all the while). Manage several things online, get ready, take cough syrup, mentally make to-do list of everything that needs to happen. Ask dad when we're meeting grandpa.

"Oh, we're not going to the movie after all. The surgeon for grandma rescheduled, so my schedule changed. Didn't I call you? I guess I wasn't clear, ha ha."


Sit down again and try to breathe. Bemoan already rescheduled appointment. Revise to-do list. Finish clearing out email. Run errands, choking on air often. Try not to hack on food when buying detergent and milk. Finally find open gas station, then return home (still choking).

Sit by phone, waiting for update on the rabbit all afternoon. Get update that nephew's surgery has gone well - hold off on calling back because I'm still waiting for the vet, and I don't want to interrupt Happy Feet 2.

Cough. A lot.

Vet calls and says she'd like to do a skull x-ray just in case. Ok it, trying not to bemoan lost money.

Wait by phone, cough, clear out Christmas sale emails, cough some more. Eventually call vet because they close in half an hour. Get in car to go wait for rabbit at vet's.

X-rays pretty good, actually; rabbit still needs meds. Pay for expensive vet trip, bemoaning large hole in bank account, bemoaning that next pay check will be small and in mid-january. Drive rabbit home.

Try to snap rabbit out of shock from the horrors of vet and car trips. Some small success, and then dad calls - his clutch broke and he needs a ride. Either from his car or from the mechanic, he hasn't been able to get a tow truck yet.


Stay with rabbit a few minutes more, see some improvement, go to pick up dad. Pass a tow truck hanging out at the Starbucks just a few stores down. Tell dad, and he runs off to grab him, leaving car with open doors. I watch the car.

I keep watching the car as my teeth start to chatter - my warm car is right across the way but no, dad left everything open and I don't want to chance shutting something and locking the keys in.

Wonder where he is, listen to chattering.

Really, what's taking so long?

Decide to send dad the bill when I have to see a doctor about my pneumonia.

More chattering. And then he comes back, griping that the price he bargained the tow driver down to is still too high.

Yeah, well, so's the price of gas.

"... I hadn't thought of that."

Some time later we are underway. After we finally get to the mechanic, for some reason discussion takes at least ten, fifteen minutes while I huddle up for warmth as best one can behind a steering wheel. Payment finally accomplished, we leave for home. On the way I tell him about the strange noise our already strange washing machine started making near the end of the last load.

On return, decide to start some laundry to demonstrate sound. Ah, there it is! The washing machine can't turn anymore! Laundry now sitting in machine, soaked and soapy and unable to be washed, with one more load of costumes waiting to be washed and me needing frequently to wash cold germs off absolutely everything.

Same to you, life.

Finally hit a stretch of time where I am not choking on air when I try to get up and do things, so take advantage and fold already cleaned laundry, sort Bethlehem costumes, and prepare the next day's trip to a laundromat.

Given how late that started, work until 2-something in the morning. Finally get to sleep at 3 am.

In summation:

While for a few coins a machine does my laundry so I don't have to do it by hand where I would otherwise bathe, I will be sitting down with tea, a book, and an ipod with music and movies; between everyone in the house, no one is missing appointments because of a broken car, which is being fixed; everyone in the family who is ill has medicine and medical care; there is plenty of food and fuel to be had.

God is good!
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18 December 2010 @ 04:11 pm
Merry almost Christmas, Happy almost New Year!
01 February 2010 @ 11:56 pm
An old email from 2003, but man oh man this makes me laugh so I want to find it again in the future:


"So they told me that using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated."
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29 December 2009 @ 06:54 pm
So we finally lost Fluffy last Tuesday; I'd been worrying that we were losing him, and then I got a call during a caroling party on Monday night. Robin was holding him, and it was pretty obvious he was dying. I held him most of that night, and took him to the vet's the next morning, because dear God he was in horrible shape. I hate hate hate putting down animals, but he could hardly move and it was entirely a mercy to let him go. Gonna miss my little Fluffy puppy-rabbit lots. :(

Christmas itself was pretty calm, at least; everyone else went to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, and I practically kicked them out the door to enjoy the afternoon alone. Best of all they bring the extra popcorn home for me, so I won all around.

Speaking of Christmas, the shoe box I put together for Operation Christmas Child ended up in the Philippines. My grandfather was stationed there once upon a time, so that's kinda cool.

Unfortunately Brenna & Allan couldn't make it out here for the holidays, but they're trying to make it out here in January. Crossing my fingers that they can.

I'll be at Eva & Ian's New Year Potluck on Thursday, partying to welcome in 2010.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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03 December 2009 @ 07:35 pm
Wow, okay, I almost forgot this existed. Oops. Perhaps I should post something. Rambles, anyone?

Um... so since the last post or two mentioned Fluffy, I suppose I should say he's still around; old and tired, but still here. Every other critter has had at least one turn to keep me up all night instead. :(

I don't think I have any theatre kids friended here, but if I do, the Spring show is Honk!, so don't ask again. The insurance issue wasn't ironed out in time, and we'll do Peter Pan the following year.

If you're in Santa Clara, and want to see cool things for free, check out http://www.BethlehemSC.com/ I'll be out there as one of the wise men's dancers, and best of, WE HAVE CAMELS. Seriously.

Hmm. If for some reason I haven't friended you on facebook yet, remind me to.

Ta ta! Happy holiday season!
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13 October 2006 @ 11:49 am
The happy news: Fluffy avoided liver failure and has been nursed to semi-health.

The not-so-happy news: poor thing is still not yet healthy; has developed a fear of towels, the vet and travel; has become paranoid of all three.

The bad news: $1,000+ in vet bills in four days, not counting today's and next week's check-ups. Yes, you read the number correctly. >_< OMG OUCH. I'm glad Fluffy is better, but ouch ><

Cheers for the rabbit (the lop that think's he's a dog oO), he's a survivor, people!

(crashes from lack of sleep)

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01 October 2006 @ 01:30 pm
Bagpipe games next week, and the ren faire the week after. Who all is going? ^^

Might or might not wear kilt on the 7th, but will definetely be in costume on the 14th. And am trying to organize a dollfie collecter's costume dinner on Halloween. Not sure what I'll be wearing then. But it will be fun!
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20 September 2006 @ 09:12 am
In the planning stages for an end of December Disneyland vacation... the Nikki and I are planning to go park hopping for three or so days. Hurrah!